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Compete against AI players as you upgrade buildings and earn the most money

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Keep Things Running!

Utilize the seaport and farm to keep your Biz Town moving

Use quality goods from the seaport and your farms to make your citizens happy and hardworking

Run a Town and Help the Citizens!

As you play through Biz Towns, you have the chance to improve the lives of the citizens in your town, buy properties and much more!

In Biz Towns, you can buy a wide variety of buildings from ice cream shops to offices to residential units. These properties can be upgraded as you play, allowing you to earn more money and play harder levels! The citizens in your town are able to enjoy all of the properties in your town as you provide work, shopping areas, and homes for them.

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Seaport Supplies

The seaport, which is available to every town, offers an assortment of supplies that you can purchase to keep your town running smoothly.

The seaport is the place to go if you need to restock on something. The items are rated based on their quality and the quality of each item varies from shipment to shipment. There are plenty of items available to keep your town running. Whether you need cream, grains, herbs, leather or lotion, the seaport has you covered. Your town will not only continue to run smoothly if you keep things stocked but your citizen’s happiness will be higher and if you use quality items, you will compete better against other players.

Using the Farm and Animals to Your Benefit

The seaport isn’t the only place to get supplies! The farm and farm animals can produce goods that will make you a better competitor against other players.

Setting up a farm or two in your town is an excellent choice. You can grow crops or have a few farm animals, such as pigs and cows, which will provide highly beneficial goods to you. Cows, for example, will be able to provide milk, leather, and cream, eliminating the need to purchase those particular goods from the seaport.

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Begin Building Your Biz Towns Today!

Biz Towns is a fun game in which you can world build and run nearly every aspect of your own town. Download it today!

Biz Towns is continuous fun that can be yours by downloading the mobile app on iTunes!